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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Adobe Master Collection CS5 Crack/Keygen
Adobe Master Collection CS5

Jump in the driver’s seat and experience the unprecedented power of Adobe® Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection software — the full array of creative tools in a single value-packed offering. During your free 30-day trial, you can access step-by-step tutorials on the most popular features and learn entirely new ways to create for mobile, video, print, and online media.
  • Design with a new level of efficiency and precision
    • Create package prototypes fast
      • See how you can turn flat packaging into a 3D representation using perspective drawing tools in Adobe Illustrator® CS5.
    • Make image elements disappear
      • Learn how you can use Content-Aware Fill in Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended to fill in the space left behind when you are removing an image detail or object.
    • Columns whenever you want them
      • Discover how you can easily span a selected paragraph over multiple columns or split a group of columns into additional columns with Adobe InDesign® CS5.5.
  • Develop digital experiences for virtually any screen
    • Optimize for mobile devices
      • Explore how Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5.5 enables you to quickly customize and test web projects across multiple devices.
    • Build digital publications for tablets
      • Learn how to create engaging and interactive digital magazines and preview your work before it goes live with Adobe InDesign® CS5.5.
    • Creating pixel-aligned web graphics
      • See how you can design graphics that will appear sharp and crisp on the web by automatically aligning them to the pixel grid with Adobe Illustrator® CS5.
  • Tackle post-production challenges faster than ever
    • Streamline your video workflow
      • Create an animated DVD menu fast by using Adobe Dynamic Link to work between Adobe After Effects® CS5.5, Adobe Premiere Pro® CS5.5, and Adobe Encore® CS5.5.
    • Create a matte with less work
      • See how using the Roto Brush tool in Adobe After Effects® CS5.5 helps you create a matte without tedious rotoscoping.
    • Output video for multiple devices
      • Learn how to quickly output work for virtually any video format or device, including smartphones and tablets, using Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 with Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5.5.

Steps (Windows)

1. Install Adobe Master Collection
2. Use XFORCE keygen to generate your serial
3. When installation is finished. Execute disable_activation.cmd from Win folder (double click on it) [in vista or Win7, run it as admin if you have uae enabled]
4. Enjoy it
5. Check WIN/install_color_finesse3_osx.txt to install Color Finesse 3 

NB: If you have problem with authentification when you launch the application, check your  %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and make sure there is a line like this one :

If not add it manually. But it shouldnt be required if you followed our installation procedure.

Steps (Mac OSX)

1. Install Adobe Master Collection
2. Use XFORCE keygen to generate your serial on a windows machine or refer serial textfile
3. When installation is finished run Osx/disable_activation_osx as root if you dont know how to do that,  open a terminal window then issue sudo -s, a root shell will open then simply do sh disable_activation_ox or ./disable_activation_osx( make it executable chmod 755 disable_activation_osx you do that from the folder where disable_activation_osx is. 

(just copy it anywhere on your hdd)  
4. Enjoy it
5./ Check OSX/install_color_finesse3_osx.txt to install Color Finesse 3 

NB : if you have problems with authentification when you start application, check the file /etc/hosts and make sure you have a like like this :

If you dont add it manually. Open a terminal and use your favorite editor you must do that as root. Example (after opening a terminal window) : 

sudo pico /etc/hosts 

then at request put your root password

Download the Installer (Mac / Windows)



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